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The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. takes pride in being a premier buyer of business notes. We have purchased hundreds of real estate notes and business notes from people who used owner financing to help sell their business or property. Our long history of doing business honestly has made us one of the most accomplished note buyers in the country.

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If you would like to sell a business note, sell a chattel mortgage or sell a security agreement, our company can convert all, or just a portion, of your future payments into cash. There are no fees or costs for you in the transaction, we pay all of the expenses. Call or email the premier business note buyer, chattel mortgage buyer and security agreement buyer today to learn more about your options.

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We are always happy to answer your questions and ready to provide you with a no cost – no obligation purchase proposal for this important investment.

At The Mortgage Buyer, we strive to offer the best pricing and exceptional service. We will do our best to beat every other purchase offer you receive for your business note. This is our way of helping you receive the highest possible price when you sell an owner financed business note.

Are You Receiving Payments?

Would you prefer to have cash instead?

At The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. we'll do our best to offer you the highest cash price for your business note, chattel mortgage or security agreement with no risks, hassles or delays. That is our pledge to you.

If you sell a business note to The Mortgage Buyer, Inc. you will receive an excellent price while being treated fairly and honestly. Email or call us today at (800) 618-2485 to receive a free, no-obligation quote!

Benefits of Selling a Note

  • People who sell a business note enjoy many important benefits:
  • They convert a long-term stream of payments into an immediate source of cash.
  • They gain liquidity; preparing them to better handle emergency situations, take advantage of investment opportunities and putting them in better position to negotiate the purchase of anything they are buying.
  • They receive a significant amount of money now, enough to accomplish some major goals.
  • They don’t have to worry about receiving monthly payments on time or the possibility of foreclosure.
  • They can pay off credit cards and other debts that are charging higher rates of interest.
  • They gain complete control over their money.

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