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Hear what past customers have said about selling their mortgage note or business note to The Mortgage Buyer:

“My grandfather had recently passed and my Grandmother needed the cash up front and didn't want the burden of holding a mortgage. The price we received was much higher than other companies. They personally helped every step of the way and made it easy for me and my Grandmother. Settlement was a breeze as well...
Thanks for all of the help and a quick turnaround!.”
—T. Nusspickel, Garnet Valley, PA
“Although we never met, my husband and I felt secure every step of the way.
Your honesty was greatly appreciated and we will recommend you highly.”
—M. Costello, Hurley, NY
“I did my research and your purchase price far exceeded all other offers I received.
Thank you.”
—J. Gagliardi, Provincetown, MA
“Although we decided not to sell our deed of trust you were extremely willing to share your knowledge and came through with some terrific advice. Thank you so much.”
—C. Witte, Dickinson, TX
“Please accept my heart-felt appreciation for your personal attention. I did not feel like I was in a “take a number and have a seat” kind of place. I can pay off our high interest debts, and have a bit left over for our future.”
—M. Sanblise, Salem, OR
“I’m very sorry this didn’t work out. You have been more than helpful in trying to sell this thing and I’ve been impressed with both your professionalism and kindness.”
—Jennifer Cornish, West Palm Beach, FL
“Your partial purchase plan was quick, easy and completely solved my problem.
I actually “enjoyed” our transaction. Thanks!”
—P. Ponga, Yonkers, NY
“It was such a pleasure to do business with a company like your. I don’t receive personal service like you provided in my hometown. Hope you enjoy the wine.”
—S. and B. Hampton, Hermann, MO
“Thank you for personally handling our difficult sale.
Your attention to detail made everything go smoothly.”
—L. Smith, Sunset Beach, NC